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Digital Marketing

25 years in Online / Digital Marketing

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Web Design

30 years of Web Design experience starting off with basic HTML for businesses who had only intranet networks and have grown over the years onto the internet. I specialize in WordPress (CMS) based websites since WordPress first came out in 2003 that is over 33 percent of the internet as of 2020.

I work with WooCommerce (E-Commerce online store / retail style of shop) that is implemented and used within WordPress Websites.

Wordpress (CMS)





15 years of videography experience.

Online Commercials


Graphic & Print Design

30 years of Graphic Design and Print Design.

Logo Design

Custom Graphics

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Social Media

Started with Google since 1998, Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006, LinkedIn Since 2009 working, learning, educating so that I can provide the best options and overall growth and awareness to your social media platforms.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

15 years of SEO experience, 5 years of Product SEO and 5 years of Video SEO Experience.

Standard Website SEO

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Branding, Re-Branding

25 years of designing brands / logos for individuals and small businesses as well updating and evolving old brands and logos to be fresh and new.

Logo Design

Logo Brand Re-Design

New Startup Brand Package


Strategy & Planning

Decades of experience creating and developing layouts for websites via in person and remotely via Skype and other platforms.  Social Media Campaigns since 2005 and online advertising for 20 years for individuals and small businesses.

Website Layout

Social Media Campaigns

Online Advertising


Content Creation

I outsource to other Freelancers who specialize in content writing and have them directly work with clients to make sure all the wording is correct and professional.  Video layouts along with graphics and photos is considered an area of content creation on how it looks and feels on websites and visible and view-able on mobile devices by testing different variations of layout.

Content Writing

Video Layout

Graphic & Photo Layout


Web Hosting, Monitoring & Security

Finding a web hosting company that is proficient, easy to use, and user friendly can be daunting process. Most web hosting companies have multiple logins just to find and access a domain, email address, and database; this is an antiquated process. This can be confusing at times when you have to go from one location to another, and you are not as efficient; as we know time is money. For example; GoDaddy©® is one of those hosting companies that can be a lot of extra work you don’t need.

AyAyRon MMDS has removed all of those extra logins, and added sites to have all under one login and navigation area that looks and feels like using an Office©® program; it is smooth, user friendly, and designed for efficiency.  The name of my Web Hosting platform is called Freelance Web Hosting (FWH). FWH provides top level security, reliable services, and a well trained and knowledgeable staff to address any of your questions, concerns, or ideas. Most importantly the customer service is quick, efficient, and client centered.

Click on the button to learn more and see how much easier it is to use FWH as a web hosting service. Quality, efficiency, client centered, and satisfaction is what FWH prides itself on.

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