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About AyAyRon MMDS (Multimedia, Marketing, and Design Services) is a Freelance based business, that provides a variety of services to local small businesses in and around Southern, New Hampshire and remotely throughout the United States.

Years of Experience:

  • 25 years in the Web Design
  • 15 years in Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • 15 years using WordPress for web design / development
  • 7 years with WooCommerce
  • 30 years in fine arts (drawing, painting, sculpting)
  • Graphic Design 20 years

I have worked along side and with other Small Businesses and teamed up with other freelancers that specialize in writing and content writing, providing additional services and they work along side with me on projects that my clients are in need of specialized services.

I also on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) what I have is called High Functioning Autism, I at times may come out strange to some people, others look at me as creepy when in fact I struggle with this my entire life with having solid professional communication skills.  I am great at my job, what I struggle with I outsource with English Grammatically correct content for my clients sites because that is my primary struggle.  Those who give me a chance see that I am good at my job and the services I provide they are very happy with.

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Aaron specializes in WordPress, Design, and Videography. From Freelancing as an individual by the name of Visual Creative Designs, know with a DBA with the State of New Hampshire in 2019 called AyAyRon MMDS (Multimedia, Marketing, and Design Studios). Freelancing for 25 years helping local small businesses and individuals, along with working remotely throughout the United States.


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Freelance Web Hosting is owned, by AyAyRon MMDS. We have taken our client and customer feedback for the past 10 years to find out that all of those who have transferred or signed up with the hosting provider we have been using we have decided to provide exclusive web hosting services.