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Freelance Web Services

AyAyRon Multimedia, Marketing, and Design Services (MMDS) is an independent freelance individual who provides a variety of web services. 

Aaron aka (AyAyRon) is in his mid 40's who has been working as a freelancer for over 20+ years.  Aaron is also has Autism  who is self sufficient and is very talented with technology, art, and design. Doing the job is what he does best, communicating at times can be difficult at times. 

Being Autistic people tend to go another direction and don't want to understand or give someone the light of day when it comes to being different. Aaron sees things differently and it's very helpful when it comes to his work. He can provide a great set of skills to help you complete your online projects.

You won't be disappointed if you choose AyAyRon MMDS.


Our Founder

Get to Know Us

Aaron has multiple Bachelors' Degrees in Fine Arts, and Computer Science and many technology, social media, and marketing certifications. 

He works better behind the desk than in front of it. It's all about getting the job done the right way.  He cares about you saving money and having your projects up and running.  You give him a chance you won't be disappointed. 

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Get To Know Aaron

Having an education is important no matter what, it's not what defines you. It's a variety of things that makes a person good at there job. 

College degrees in Fine Arts, and Computer Science back in the 80s / 90s is a lot different than 2010s and 2020s. That is why ongoing training is a must in todays online world on how we live and work.

Being certified in web design, (WordPress) graphic design, social media marketing, also known as digital marketing, seo and a few other web related areas. 

Keeping up with what is going on is a must at AyAyRon MMDS. We have to know the ins and outs of so many online platforms so that you the customer can focus on other things.

We have helped out local non-profits by providing our services for free. It's very rewarding when you can make a difference.  

We also have our own projects to help local businesses in New Hampshire. One of those projects is called What's Up New Hampshire.

Our very own is a Freelancer who specializes in specific areas and can't be perfect in everything.  We reach out to other Freelancers who specialize in areas that we don't specialize in.  

It's all about making sure you the customer have everything you need to make your goals and ideas become a reality.