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About us at AyAyRon Multimedia, Marketing, and Design Services (MMDS) is an independent freelance individual who provides a variety of web services. 

Aaron aka (AyAyRon) has been a Freelancer for 20 plus years and has worked for a few small to midsize companies as a web specialist and social media analyst. Skills in technology, art, and design. 

You won't be disappointed if you choose AyAyRon MMDS.

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The first thing to talk about is what is your vision for your online digital platform for your company.  Is it a Website? or a Social Media Platform? or is it both? I can help with that by setting up a free 15-minute consultation to go over a few things to see what direction works for you.

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Web Designer
I specialize in WordPress Website Design and Development, including HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, API Integration, UX, UI, Mobile Response, Web Management, and more.
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You have to have a little fun in life and my name falls under that. I saw this funny sketch comedy skit by Key and Peele on comedy central and it's become a cult classic already.

Online business you need to be sericeous and at the same time need a little life and fun into it. Click on the myself text above to see the Video clip minute 1:46.
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& I

Social Media Specialist
Primary platforms I focus on are FB for Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Business. I manage, setup paid ads and use Google Ads as well.