Get Ready... Something Really Cool Is Coming Soon

AyAyRon MMDS isn’t new only the name, original name was Visual Creative Designs that started in 2011. AyAyRON MMDS is a Small Independent Business that provides services in Multimedia, Marketing, and Design company that provides good quality, and quick turnaround.


I have 30 years of technology experience, 35 years of arts and design experience, 20 years of marketing and advertising 18 of those years primary focused for digital online marketing. 20 years of small business consulting. 5 years of videography 30 years of photography. 25 years in Web Design / Development. Put all this together and you have specialized and customized services to help fit your budget. The new website is currently being developed. Please feel free to contact us with the current form on this website,  or click on the email link

I have found a permanent location for our office studio in downtown Manchester, NH area. Our last location was a trial run with having a studio. We needed more space and a better location for helping more local small businesses in and around Southern New Hampshire areas. We have been in the process from April 1st, to May 1st locating that exact office studio and have moved in and officially opened for business on Monday May 6th, 2019.

Thank you