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Web Hosting Companies Is Bigger, Better?

I have been working with small businesses and individuals who have all had Web/Cloud Hosting experiences they have had.

Some of these experiences have had to do with hard navigating, how to set up a domain, email address, or both. 

For all previous and or current clients that include individuals, small businesses, and non-profits I have seen just those issues. I have personally dealt with horrible support, no support, and or simply pay us more and you will get these options.

When it comes to pricing, deals, security, and performance nobody is who they say they are. Web hosting companies that are really big with known names such as Go”Daddy, HostGator, BlueHost, and even WP Engines, all say they are amazing at a list of things. A full list of top 10 hosting provides for 2022 on PC Magazine website.

I build websites using WordPress and find hosting for WordPress I see a lot of smoke and mirrors, marketing, and advertising to say you are number one at something when I have tested and seen firsthand that it’s not true. Today with marketing I see more lies and half-truths. 

Everything to me comes down to experience, I have had clients on at least one or more of the listed hosting providers from that top 10 list and I have ended up transferring them to a web hosting company that isn’t listed.

I am a web hosting reseller which means I have multiple websites that provide and show web hosting services. The main company is called Liquid Net Limited.

Sometimes it’s the unknown name that has the overall better options without the figure pointing, and the paid advertising.  Word of Mouth is how I like to talk about this hosting company.

You can customize and choose shared hosting plans, to have your own dedicated server or semi-dedicated server.  Old school cPanel to manage things, or using the newer technology platform called Hepsia Control Panel.  (Many of my clients love this platform because it’s easy to use and has no additional logins to get to what you are looking for). 

For those who are die-hard cPanel users that option is still there to use with how you pick your hosting package. Other types of hosting services include OpenVZ VPS, KVN VPS, WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, and a lot more.

Web Hosting is also important in the type of O/S you’re looking to use for performance, customization, and security. Linux Debian and Ubuntu have different versions you can select if you are looking to have your own dedicated server.

Domain, Domain Extensions, Email, DNS, SSL, all priorities of having a website.  Not every hosting company is able to provide you with (TLD) top-level domain extensions.  This is an entirely different topic that I will be talking about in another blog post in the near future. Not everyone has all (TLD) to offer, but you are able to purchase from a domain provider like (NameCheap) and have it pointing toward your hosting provider to manage everything on vs having two different sites. 

SSL for some hosting you have no choice on what it is, they just give you either a basic one for free, or you pay for one and have no idea what it really is or covers.  I like the option of having the ability to buy a basic one, select the free one, or go to a top-level package SSL that you can have wildcard type, multi-domain, or E-Commerce, for specialized and more added security.
The hosting I provide you have all these options and the setup is very easy.

Bigger hosting companies are a bit target, the bigger you are the easier it seems for people like cyber-attacks from hackers to get into.  GoDaddy is always getting hacked and people’s information and sites are down and personal information is stolen on a yearly basis.

GoDaddy the largest hosting company continues to buy up more and more companies. Buying more companies isn’t fixing or resolving one of the biggest issues they have of cyber attacks.

Here are a few articles about GoDaddy being hacked and it seems to happen every year.

Tech Times May 6, 2020 – GoDaddy Gets Hacked Again, 28,000 Users Are Affected This Time Around 

Engadget November 22, 2021 – GoDaddy discloses recent security breach that exposed 1.2 million accounts

Cyber Security Insiders Malware threat alert for websites hosted on GoDaddy

SC Media Over 1 million GoDaddy WordPress accounts breached

The Stack.Technology – 2/20/2023 GoDaddy Hacked Again 2022 – GoDaddy punched in the CPanel server by hackers. 

arsTechnica.com– 2/17/2023 – GoDaddy says a multi-year breach hijacked customer websites and accounts.

(This section was updated on 7/6/2023)

This is why I ask myself and others… Web hosting companies that are bigger, better? That answer is leaning to a big NO in by book.  

Still, people don’t seem to know or care and pay the price for this happening.  If you are a business and your site gets hacked and your customer information is taken this isn’t a web hosting company I would be trusting.

I have ended up moving many accounts, including emails, and domains, to Freelance Web Hosting Services that I host with myself and never have had one complaint or any issues with data breaches or accounts hacked along with my clients or customers.

Take a look at other companies that GoDaddy now owns. The question is are you willing to take that risk of having your hosting with the big giant or other large hosting companies?

Acquisitions by GoDaddy

Jul-12OutrightAccounting and Bookkeeping
Sep-13AfternicDomain Parking
15-Oct-13Media TempleWeb Hosting Service
Jul-14CanaryCalendar Service
20-Aug-14Mad MimiEmail Marketing Service
Apr-15MarchexDomain Portfolio
Nov-15Worldwide MediaDomain Portfolio
17-May-16FreedomVoiceCloud-based VoIP
6-Sep-16ManageWPWeb Hosting Service (WordPress)
6-Dec-16Host Europe GroupWeb Hosting Service
22-Mar-17SucuriCloud Security
23-Jan-18Main Street Hub 
6-Apr-20NeustarDomain Name Registry Service
15-Dec-20PoyntCommerce Payment Solution
11-Nov-21PagelyWordPress managed hosting
23-Mar-22DNAcademyDomain name training platform
28-Jun-22Dan.comMarketplace for domain names
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