Working With Local Entertainment

Behind the scenes with AyAyRon MMDS live streaming and local videography services.

What's Up New Hampshire

Supporting Local Entertainment

Since May of 2019 we have been working on a project called What's Up New Hampshire that is all about supporting local entertainment in and around the State we are located in.

We help small businesses, along with local entertainment including musicians, comedians, those in the performing arts, and even artist that are looking to standout and be noticed by the type of art that connects people and moves them.

We are in the process of developing a website for this project. Quarter 1 of 2021 will be live.

Notso Costley


AyAyRon MMDS has connected with multiple local entertainment booking agency's and one of those local company's is Notso Costley Productions out of Hooksett, NH.

We are trying to connect with more places that provide entertainment, and have more musicians, comedians, and performing artists to be part of What's Up New Hampshire.

Having sponsors, individuals, and small businesses to be supports we can advertise more and promote and be more focused on our state, city, and communities.

Contact us to learn more about our local project.

Ellis Falls

Country Music Group

I have known Ellis Falls for over 2 years now and started working for them at the end of May 2020. 

With the promotional services package, we provided they have had more and more success online and in the local area. Plus they had an online pay-per-view event they traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to be part of back in August of 2020.

We built a brand new website, along with added social media platforms, and more.  Due to Covid-19 things have come to a complete halt and it's affected this working industry as well.

Also they had been a client from 2019 - 2021 Site I built I have located here.

Local NH Musicians

Solo, Duo, Trio, Full Band

Small Town Stranded (STS), Justin Jordan Music, and 21st and 1st are all individuals who perform together and also some of them perform in different groups to have a variety of styles of music to perform locally. They perform for local restaurants, small venues, private events, and weddings.

AyAyron MMDS has helped them with live video streaming and videography services along with photography. We do our best to help promote and support those who work hard and enjoy what they do for work.

You can find them on Facebook by clicking on the highlighted names above to learn more. 

If you are interested in what we do please contact us.

House of Marvel Entertainment

Performing Artists

House of Marvel Entertainment (H.O.M.E) is based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. Created and founded by ChiChi Marvel. 

They are an event planning and entertainment company. I provide drag entertainers for public and private events. We have drag queens, drag kings, bio queens, and a trans king. We are an inclusive company that promotes the L.G.T.B.Q + community.

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