Schantini & Associates

Florida distributor for Eva's Esthetics know known as TUEL' Berodin Skincare and Wax.

Jack and Sandee Schantini have been in the Skincare world since the early 70s. In 2014 they decided they needed to have a website for being a local distributor in Florida to expand and reach more people locally and throughout the east coast and eastern time zone.

TUEL' Berodin

Florida Distribution

Summer of 2019 a new change was taking place GreatSkinSS was growing and being successful and so was Head Quarters in California. They rebranded, and renamed there business from Eva's Esthetics to TUEL' - Berodin, so the Florida also believed they had to follow by changing everything as well.

Jack and Sandee Schantini

Jack and Sandee ended up selling out to Head Quarters because the new brand, logo, and website was better than what HQ put together.  Business is business and in the end the Schantini’s now are no longer distributors having there own location in Florida they have ended up. The company created a copy of a website of there primary and created duplicates with different names for all distributors in the United States and internationally. 

AyAyron MMDS was a primary team member and online business consultant that didn’t just create there online identity for GreatSkinSS than turned into TUEL’ – Beroding Florida they became like family and all of this was done remotely.

The services provided was the primary ones that are listed and ended up doing more than was we offer because when you build a solid long term business relationship you end up seeing all the other good qualities and skills that come along with the person working for you as this amazing small business did.

Products Sold and Distributed On

Hundreds of Products

AyAyRon MMDS has been able to used old version of as a sample demo site to show customers that we can build and manage small to large E-Commerce style of websites.