Web Services That We Provide

Web Design

We focus on having our customers use WordPress as there primary platform to have there website designed and developed on. It has the ability to grow, adapt and integrate to so many other online platforms making your site more flexible and likeable to your visitors.

Digital Marketing

We heavily focus on the following areas in the never ending changing world of Digital Marketing, these are just some of the areas that have been combined into this area. Video Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Email, Print, and local or online events.

Social Media

We specialize in the following Social Media platforms Google Business, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, these are the primary business platforms that are the most successful.  We do overall analysis so we can create a plan of action to help you grow.

Web Hosting

We are a verified web hosting reseller that provides a range of Shared, Semi-Dedicated, and Dedicated servers.  With a modern and up-to-date control panel system that manages your emails, domains, security, storage, and databases with one simple login.


The past 5 years video is the way of how we view and see and interact with others online, from personal to business we spend multiple hours a week and others multiple hours a day  watching videos. We provide video editing, video production, online commercials, v-logging, and live streaming services to our customers.

Graphic Design

Graphics, involve the look and feel of how your website looks, your brand or re-branding of who you are as an individual or business. Using graphics to post on Social Media also is a major difference from having more engagements and views than just plain text.  Graphic, images, photos is all around us in todays world.

Promo Marketing

We have been working with local New England Arts, and Entertainment individuals and small businesses. Musicians, comedians, performers, and others that are doing some type of entertainment. We have special packages from Web Design, to Social Media and combinations to help you standout in your area.


SEO is still a part of how people find you online when doing a search. You want your website to show up and also your social media.  Algorithms keep changing and SEO is not the top priority as it once was. We provide specialized areas with Video SEO, Product SEO, and Local SEO and not just generic topic per page. 

Our Process

Web Design - Development

  • Goal identification: We work with the customer to determine what goals they have for what they want for a website needs to fulfill. 
  • Draft concept: Once we know the website's goals, we can define what web pages and features the website requires by drafting up a rough draft concept. 
  • Sitemap and framework creation: With the scope well-defined, we can start drafting up the website sitemap, and navigation layout.
  • Visual creation: Now that we have a solid picture of the website in mind, we can start creating visual content for the individual pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It's important to have enough wording content per page. (SEO) is always in mind to help keep pages focused on a single topic. Our customers who provide the wording to go with there topics and products makes this stage a lot easier.
  • Testing: This is the most important part to us, we go over every page, every link, and how the layouts and navigation operates on multiple browsers, and multiple mobile devices.  Once we have everything working it's time for the next stage.
  • Launch: Once the testing is over and the website is working smoothly, it's time to plan and execute your site launch! After that, it's time to celebrate and feel the accomplishment that your overall goal is complete and ready for everyone to see.


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Startup Package


  • 1 Year of Starter Plus Shared Hosting ($70.00)
  • Basic WordPress Platform, 3 Page Site
  • 3 Months of Updates & Offline Backups
  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • 1 Social Media Integration / Connection


Small Business Package


  • 1 Year of Business Shared Hosting ($180.00)
  • Premium WordPress Theme ($60.00) 8 Page w/Store*
  • 12 Months of Updates and Offline Backups
  • SSL+ Certificate ($40.00)
  • 5 Social Media Integration / Connections
  • * 5 - 8 Products in Store


Professional Package


  • 1 Year Professional Share Hosting ($120.00)
  • Premium WordPress Theme, 6 Pages
  • 6 Months of Updates & Offline Backups
  • SSL Certificate ($20.00)
  • 3 Social Media Integration / Connections
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