Working With Local Entertainment

Since May of 2018, I have been working on a project called What's Up New Hampshire which is all about supporting local entertainment in and around the State we are located.

Helping small businesses, along with local entertainment, including musicians, comedians, performing arts, and even artists looking to stand out and be noticed by the type of art that connects people and moves them.

Developing a new website dedicated to this project and I hope to have it live and running in Q1 of 2023.


Working on connecting with multiple local entertainment booking agencies and one of those local companies is Notso Costley Productions out of Hooksett, NH.

Trying to connect with more places that provide entertainment, and have more musicians, comedians, and performing artists be part of What's Up New Hampshire. I will be changing the name to Local Happenings with the new website I'm in the process of developing.

Having sponsors, individuals, and small businesses to support we can advertise more and promote and be more focused on our state, city, and communities.


Aaron is amazing, he has helped me and my business of H.O.M.E have a better online presence. He has volunteered his time to do our social media, video, and photo content at some of my public events.

Aaron has also opened up his home for me to come to visit which is also a safe place. I'm not the best at getting in touch with him for what I have going on with my business. A lot of things have been word 2 mouth and many private events.

If I could afford to pay Aaron I would he's worth every penny.

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